Off-Campus Access: 

Yildiz Technical University Library and Documentation Department is located at Davutpaşa Campus.


Martyr Professor Dr. Ilhan Varank Davutpaşa Main Library 

Davutpasa Mah. Davutpasa Street 34220 Esenler - Istanbul 

Tel: 0212 3835451 


Yıldız Campus Şevket Sabancı Library 

Barbaros Boulevard 34349 Beşiktaş-Istanbul 

Tel: 0212.383 22 10 -15 

Fax: 0212-383 2217 




The Davutpasa Main Library, which was started to be constructed together with the library requirement that emerged due to the growth of the Yıldız Technical University Davutpaşa settlement, was opened in May 2011. Designed as a modern library building and equipped with intelligent building features, the library consists of a total of 5 floors. Yildiz Technical University Library's vision, service information, thinking, art products and scientific platforms are constantly exchanged and exchanged according to a century-old university tradition; so as to create a source of information for all academic researches not only at Yildiz Technical University but also at national level. For this purpose, the modern library building provides a continuous service to support the realization of the educational goals of Yildiz Technical University with necessary equipment and additional new sections and to meet the information need for scientific researches in the possible fastest and convenient way. Publications on the Main Library are offered to the service using the Dewey Decimal Classification System according to the open shelf system. There are 4 reading rooms in the library. At basement floor, there is a Rare Books Reading Room with a capacity of 50 people and a Rare Works Room with a capacity of 16 people along with a laboratory for audio-visual materials for 40 people. The 80-person conference hall complements to the library's cultural mission. At the entrance level, there is a computer laboratory for 40 people on the floor, a reference room for 45 people and a thesis hall. There are 205 reading rooms on the first floor and a total of 8 individual study rooms. There is another reading room for 112 people on the second floor. We also have a very rich collection of printed and electronic materials, and our collections provide a new stream of publications in the direction of our university's teaching and learning policy. Our librarians, who always support education, are constantly improving themselves so that users of the library can benefit from all the resources of the library at the maximum level.


Yıldız Technical University Period (1992-):

Yildiz Technical University under the name of Nafia Mektebi was restructured in 1937 and transferred to the Ministry of National Education and received a "Technical School" status. One library was established by the technician Ulvi Yürüten on the same date. In 1959-60, the academy library was opened to serve in connection with teaching buildings. In Şevket Sabancı Library, publications are offered to the service using Dewey Decimal Classification System according to open shelf system. The Şevket Sabancı Library has a place for 80 people to study and a collection of 25 works and a collection of rare works. Until 1986, all technical processes that were carried out manually in traditional form started to be done with the help of computer, so the studies related to library automation also started. With the automation system in accordance with the international standards, it was planned that the service network would be wider and functional and the internet connection was established as the first step. In 2003, library automation service was started with the use of OPAC / Online Public Accessible Catalog / Electronic Catalog software called Procedure 2001.