Frequently Asked Questions
1 - ) Where are our campuses?
We have three campuses in Yıldız (Beşiktaş), Davutpaşa (Esenler) and Maslak.
There are four degree programs at faculties located in Yıldız ( Faculty of Naval Architecture and Marine Affairs , Faculty of Mechanical Engineering , Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences ), and a vocational high school ( National Palaces and Historic Buildings MYO).
Davutpaşa campus degree programs at six faculties ( Electrical and Electronics Engineering , Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science , Faculty of Civil Engineering , Faculty of Metallurgy and Chemistry , Faculty of Art and Design ) , a college ( School of Foreign Languages ​​) is
Maslak Campus vocational school ( Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department and the Department of Technical Programs ) are located.
2 -) What is the language of instruction ?
Turkish is the language of education for 70% of the undergraduate education and the ratio of English is 30%. In our ELT department all classes are taugth in English except classes that are given by other departments like Turkish History and Turkish language.
3 -) Do you have summer school classes at Yıldız Technical University?
There are summer school application . Summer teaching is done according to the principles specified in the relevant regulations . Summer school , except for the fall and spring semesters , the university implemented in the months of summer vacation in the summer evaluating opportunities in education , aimed at improving the efficiency of education and training that allows students to have mobile graduate more quickly and make double major program supporting education .
4 -) How are Yildiz Technical University Housing Facilities look like?
Yildiz Technical University Maslak Campus dormitories are modern and high-quality 272 girls and 272 boys , 108 girls and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Davutpaşa Campus residence 536 girls , 536 boys are accommodation facilities .
5 -) What is the Yildiz Technical University registration renewal ?
Two stages.
* The fee payment (only for students exceeding the maximum period of free enrollment which is 4 years)
* Course enrollment
Were required to renew their registration each semester .
Can choose between two riven top of the course the student will be dismissed from the defaulting contribution
Deleted from registration , students are required to pay a contribution record result in the deletion of the semesters .
6 -) Yildiz Technical University, the overall weighted average ( WGPA ), what is it?
Received in the course notes , loans, multiplied by the sum of the values ​​obtained , obtained by dividing the sum of the credit note.
7 -) Yildiz Technical University, the final measure of success is like?
Weighted GPA of at least 2.0 who are considered successful. Up AGNO'su two semesters of 2.0 is less than the upper terms and semesters and higher semester courses in which students can not .
What are the requirements 8-) Yıldız Technical University, double major ?
YTÜ'nün students who enrolled in a bachelor's degree in any conditions necessary gives providers the ability to define a second degree program . Double Major Application subject to the semester in order to make teaching plan owned and refers to the courses to be successful years on the condition that all of the successful lessons / classes is not , as well as the program that the student must be at least 3.0 AGNO'sunın . References 3 and 5 Semesters can be made. Double Major learning is complete the second degree of diplomacy . Admission Requirements and Application Fundamentals double major in teaching information is determined by the University Senate YTÜ " And Double Major Degree and Bachelor Degree Programs Level Switch is located in the Directive .
9 -) What are the conditions at Yıldız Technical University Transfer to in-house ?
Undergraduate students enrolled YTU scheduled YTÜ'nün another degree program if they can continue their studies . Internal transfer between faculties, departments , but 3 And 5 Semester can be made. Premises subject to horizontal transfer of the right order to benefit as much as the current semester teaching plan owned by taking all courses ( except for the free elective ) , and refers to one year conditional bhaşarılı be successful lessons / lessons from the program that the lack of math students AGNO'sunun also olamsı at least 3.0 is required. Semester, students who have no right to the top of the application . Faculties and Departments Undergraduate Transfer Admission Requirements and Application Principles of Internal Break Üniversiet is determined by the Senate , detailed information, Yildiz Technical University " Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs Level Switch and Double Major Directive" is located at .
10 -) What are the conditions at Yıldız Technical University Transfer to Inter ?
Council of Higher Education " Higher Education Institutions Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs Level Switch , Double Major , Minor and Inter- transfer of credit for making the" Regulation , in accordance with SSPC 's guide in the Council of Higher Education that are accredited universities and foreign universities aklan equivalent training Transfer to YTÜ'nün programs Undergraduate and Graduate programs can be made. Detailed information on the conditions of the application by the University Senate and the Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs Level Switch is located in Double Major Directive .
11 - ) What are the Yildiz Technical University Health Services ?
Stars , Maslak , and the Medico- Social Health Campuses Davutpaşa students of health care units in order to see the various branches of specialist physicians and dentists and dental clinic staff , full- teşekkürlü x-ray , ultrasound, laboratory of biochemistry available.
* Students lot of health problems medico-social centers of the first application .
* Medico-Social Center , one of the two stars Campus Davutpaşa'da have 3 family doctor, dentist 1göz 7 doctors , one psychiatrist, one radiologist , three radiology technicians, four general practitioners and one social worker on duty.
12 -) Do you have Yıldız Technical University Sports Complex ?
Campus Davutpaşa an indoor sports hall, fitness room, sauna , in the sports hall , an outdoor swimming pool, football and tennis courts.
Maslak Campus, a covered hall, a climbing wall , and the Star Campus has two outdoor basketball courts .
13 -) How to Yildiz Technical University Erasmus Programme Who can benefit ?
Erasmus program of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union member countries , including 27 countries , the European Union is not a member of the European Economic Area, Iceland, Liechtenstein , Norway and the European Union, the candidate countries the benefit of higher education institutions in Turkey is located between . All activities will take place within the framework of the Erasmus program , at least one of the parties to be institutions of the European Union member states is the condition .
Accepted as an official institution of higher education institutions in countries in universities, institutes , academies and other institutions , which is related to the European Commission Directorate General for Education and Culture Executive Agency Commission ( The Education, Audiovisiual and Culture Executive Agency - EACEA ) Erasmus University by contacting Declaration - EUC (Erasmus University Charter - EUC) are entitled to receive if the students and staff of these institutions benefit from the Erasmus program . Students wishing to mobility training institutions Extended EUC (Extended EUC) should take .
To be effective from the academic year 2010-2011 , EUC own institutions, students and staff will benefit from the activities of members of Mobility :
* Be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey , or ,
* While the citizens of other countries at a school in Turkey , vocational school , institution of higher education or adult education students who are enrolled in an institution or a job in Turkey within the framework of applicable laws and regulations required to be working or living in Turkey .
The first year of the Lifelong Learning Programme 2007/2008 academic year, more than 2,000 institutions of higher education in Europe since they participate in the Erasmus program . EÜBler received , unless there is a situation that requires cancellations , will be valid until 2013 . Institutions each year, in accordance with the Commission declared the applications started from the date of the deadline may apply .